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Welcome to!  Hypnosis is a wonderful, easy way, to make positive change in your life.  It helps you to transform into a new person, replacing old habits and behaviors with new better behavior.   It is so powerful, easy, and change happens fast!  Hypnosis is so incredible, that it seems impossible.  That is what some people would like to believe, but truth is stranger than fiction, as the saying goes.

Hypnosis is powerful, because we are interfacing with your unconscious mind.  Your unconscious mind is really in control of you, more than you might think.  So much so, that your unconscious is what determines a lot of what you do, how you experience the world, and how you feel.  For many of us, we would have made our desired change already, if we could have.  If you've been unable to do it on your own, then hypnosis is here to help.

You can think of the mind as being a bit like a computer.  We replace, edit, and remove old programs that no longer serve you well.  We also can add in new programs to get you new behavior or feelings.  Just like using a computer, you don't have to know how to install a program, other than to click on the install file.  That is the same here.  All you have to do is listen to the hypnosis program, follow its instructions, and use your vivid imagination.  The rest of the details get taken care of behind the scenes.

Why did I make this website?  I wanted to provide people with high quality hypnosis programs, which they can use in the  comfort at home, in the office, or wherever.  This way, there is no embarrassment,  it is less expensive, and you don't even have to leave home.  You can reinforce/augment your behavior/feelings anytime by repeating the same program.   Each program is designed to be used many times, with the results get bigger and stronger each time you listen to it.


Some of the hypnosis programs tackle multiple goals at once, whereas others are focused on one goal (such as Stop Smoking).  All of the programs are hand-crafted by me, every step of the way, from concept through post-production.  I take pride in making high quality programs, and what you find on this site, are just that... high quality hypnosis!

Now it's time for you to experience hypnosis first hand.  Check out the selection, as well as the free Cat Nap #1 hypnosis program (free when using the promo code "SleepyNow"), to see if you like the style of work I provide and the sound of my voice.  If you have questions, please check out the FAQ.  I want you to be able to say sincerely, "This is hypnosis for me!"


Are you looking for something that isn't here yet?  Contact me to let me know what you would like, and I will work on creating it.

Our Newest Programs

I have crafted even more hypnosis programs for you.

Please click here and check out the other hypnosis programs available.

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