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Cat Nap

Use Promo Code: SleepyNow to get this program FREE!  Since this track is free when using the promo code, download it and check it out to see if you will like my voice, and my style of work. If you do, I have various programs for positive changes that you likely will find them to be beneficial.  Check them out!


Tired during the workday?  Ever wanted to catch a quick nap, like a cat does?  Or possibly just want to zone out to give your brain a rest for a few minutes?  Have a hard time winding down for such?  Then, this hypnosis program is one for you!


The Cat Nap #1 hypnosis program has been specifically made to fit into 15 minutes of your busy day.  It helps to give you a break from all the chaos.  This hypnosis focuses on relaxing, and restoring you.  So, when you listen to it, allow your body and mind to find peace, and ease into comfort.  You'll feel much better by doing so, and this hypnosis program will lead you there.


Find a safe, quiet spot, toss on your headphones, and settle down into comfort!


Length: 15 min, 30 sec

Background Sounds: The sea lapping on the beach, some gulls, and the bell of a buoy.

# Simultaneous voices: One

File Format: 320kpbs stereo MP3 audio file

Male/Female voice: Male

Cat Nap

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