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How did I get into hypnosis?  I had a challenge of my own (STRESS!), which I was unable to change by myself.  I tried many of the traditional approaches, and none made the change I desired... to be more calm and relaxed.  Then I thought of hypnosis.  It is a subject which I have been interested in since my high school years, but never formally learned.  I wondered if it really worked, and if it could help with my situation.  The promises seemed too good to be true.

I went to a hypnotist, and had a session.  After one session, I was shocked to notice a difference, which was increased calm, which brought more relaxation.  The most interesting part to me was that I felt as if I just listened to her talk, and that was it.  To me, listening to someone talk generally takes very little effort.  So I would say that my session was effortless.  Well, that is what the experience seemed like, but in reality, she had talked to my unconscious.  While talking with my unconscious, she replaced negative feelings with positive ones.  By doing that, I experienced life easier and more comfortable.

After experiencing hypnosis for myself, and the changes that it created, I knew I had to learn more.  My goal was to learn more to help my own family.  So in 2015 I took classes and became a Licensed Hypnotherapist in the state of Washington.

Since then, I have been providing hypnosis for individuals with a range of problems such as stress, anxiety, quitting drinking, drinking less, quitting smoking, weight loss, feeling lost in life, etc.  These are normal everyday problems, and hypnosis is really good at changing them so you experience life better, and so that you enjoy more of it.

In my goal to help as many people as possible, I ran into a problem.  I knew that my ability to help has been limited to those people who could make it to my office.  I knew I could help a lot more people than that feel better, and live improved lives.  In came Zoom and other video conferencing services and technologies.  The problem still remained however, that I want to help more people than I have time for.  I want to help as many as possible.  That is why I made this website.  It's my way of helping more people than I otherwise could.  Since the Internet is accessible to everyone, there is easy access for all.

In addition to providing hypnosis, I am also a board certified Structural Integrator, Neuro-muscular therapist, and licensed massage therapist.  My bodywork practice started back in 1999, and has been going strong since.  Information about the bodywork and structural integration I provide can be found at

- Mark Pearlscott, Consulting Hypnotist -
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