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Everything you have been taught about hypnosis is probably wrong.  This is due to how pop-culture and mass media has portrayed hypnosis.  Most of what is portrayed couldn't be further from the truth.  The FAQ will answer most of your questions regarding hypnosis, and correct false information.  If you have questions not answered here, please send me an email.  Thank you!

Mark Pearlscott, CH, NLP

  • How often should I listen to the hypnosis program I downloaded?
    The program is designed to be listened to many times. Each time you listen to it, it reinforces the process of moving you forward, toward your goal. Listening to it multiple times intensifies the over all result of the process, enhancing the result. I suggest listening to it at least once a day until you get the level of change you desire. After that, you can listen to it once a week to continue to reinforce the new behaviors. If you want even faster change, listen to it multiple times per day, as it will concentrate your unconscious to focus even more.
  • How do I use my purchased program?  What file format is it?
    The hypnosis program is an MP3 audio file, and will be provided by digital download. It can be played by any player that takes MP3s. Simply find a safe spot to listen, sit or lie down, put on your headphones, close your eyes, and hit play. Relax and follow the instructions and suggestions provided. There is no copy protection on the file, but please keep the file to yourself. Understand that it takes time, energy, and other resources to make these programs. Please be respectful of my effort, and recommend the site to your family, friends, co-workers, acquaintences, etc.
  • Why should I only listen to the programs by headphones?
    Each hypnosis program utilizes the auditory range from full left to full right of the stereo signal. When you listen through regular speakers, your orientation to the speakers matters greatly for what your listening experience turns out to be. These programs are made in a specific way. It may be that we purposefuly move a sound from the right ear to the left ear, and we want you to experience it that way. By listening to it via headphones, you are listening to it in the way that it was intended to be listened to. That way, you can get the most benefit from your trance experience.
  • Is hypnosis "mind-control"?"
    Hypnosis is far from "mind control". Think of it more as leading and following. The leader is the hypnotist, and the follower is the client (the person going into trance). Just like climbing up a mountain, you need a guide to show you the safe path to the summit, and back down again. Hypnosis is the same, where the hypnotist leads the way toward achieving the client's goal, and the client follows voluntarily the suggestions or instructions given to them by the hypnotist. The key word here is voluntary. The client is always in control of themselves through the whole process.
  • How does hypnosis work?
    Think of your brain as a computer. We have programs (i.e. behaviors) that operate due to being triggered by different conditions and situations. Sometimes one of those programs is no longer serving its purpose, or it no longer serves the purpose well. In these cases, we can replace the program (behavior) with a new program. Instead of "this", do "that"; that is what we are asking the brain to do. In addition to being able to replace programs, we can also delete or edit existing programs that no longer serve us well. In these cases, there is no need for a replacement program. Let's use an example. ​ If I were a smoker and wanted to quit, then I need to replace the program (behavior) of smoking with something else that serves the same purpose (but hopefully is healthier for me). If I dug deep, I might find out that smoking is the only time I take away from my busy life to relax for a few minutes... and smoking is (ulitmately) the excuse to step away. In this case, replacing the smoking with a healthier alternative, such as going outside for a "fresh air" break, or taking a short walk. It could also be something simpler, like chewing gum instead. In either case, I would need to still get that time away from my busy life, but I'll likely have a happier longer life by changing from smoking to walking. The point here is that in the example of smoking above, the smoking is serving a purpose for me, and that (ultimate) purpose still needs to be fulfilled.
  • Can you make me do something against my code of ethics or morals?
    No. Since hypnosis is a voluntary process, and the client is always in control, their morals and standard behaviors remain intact and functioning.
  • I've heard some people can't be hypnotized.  Is that true?
    No, it is false. Hypnosis is a natural pheomena that we all go through multiple times per day. If someone is having difficulty going into a trance when induced by a hypnotherapist, then likely a different technique to induce the person will work. Everyone can be hypnotized!
  • What is trance?
    Trance is a state of hightened awareness and focus of the mind. It is different than sleeping, as the client is still actively participating in the whole process.
  • Is experiencing trance natural, or normal?"
    Yes! The trance state is very natural and normal. In fact, we go through the state of trance every night when we are transitioning from awake to sleep states. We also go through it again when transitioning from sleep back to the awake state. So, you go into trance at least twice everyday of your life. Have you ever had a daydream? You've been in trance. Have you ever had your mind go off on a tangent and get lost? You've been in trance. We could go on, but you get the idea. Trance is a natural, normal phenomena.
  • What does trance feel like?
    It is different for everyone, but I can tell you my experience. When I went to a hypnotist for some help, I felt as if I just listened to her talk for a few hours. I felt normal through the whole process, like I normally feel when sitting relaxed in a chair. So I thought nothing happened and I wasted my time. Nothing could be further from the truth. I had a whole new way of reacting to situations that used to trigger stress and anxiety. Notice I say "used to". Others find their body getting heavy or light. Some feel uphoria. Some feel "zoned out". Your own experience may vary a bit, but the trance sensations are all those that are different than your normal everyday sensations. You will know it when you feel it for yourself.
  • What is the difference between conscious and unconscious?
    When we talk about hypnosis, we are making a distinction between the conscious and the unconscious states of mind. We typically define consciousness as being a state of awareness, of being awake to our surroundings. This is the part of our brain paying attention to new things in our environment. This is the part we control voluntarily. We get to decide where we place the focus of our attention. The unconscious by contrast is the part of the brain aware and running all the automatic processes. These include running our nervous system, our circulatory system, our digestive system, and the majority of our behavior too. When we use hypnosis, we are substituting or changing behavior that lives in our automatic processes, in the unconscious mind. Hypnosis is used to interface with the unconscious mind directly. If you could change the toubling behavior on your own, you would already have done it. Hynosis bypasses the conscious mind, and changes the automatic behavior.
  • How much control does my unconscious mind have over me?
    Before we answer that question, let's check out some really interesting facts that have come from science, and are in the documentary called "Automatic Brain: The Magic of the Unconscious Mind" produced in 2012 (currently available on Amazon Prime as of this writing, 11/2020). ​ Every experience causes an imprint on our memory. Our unconscious manages 90% of what we do, regardless of if we are wake or sleep. Very little is conscious, except where we place our attention/focus. Our conscious can only handle 4-5 pieces of information simultaneously. The unconscious mind can process 200K times more data then the conscious mind. The human brain can simultaneously absorb 11 million units of information. We are only consciously aware of a maximum of 40. 99 percent of what we see is projected from our memory. Only 1 percent comes is added by the sensory organs (such as touch, seeing, hearing, smell and taste). Conscious ideas were already ideas of the subconscious by 1/3 of a second ahead of the conscious mind. So, science is telling us that our unconscious mind is very active, and basically runs the show. Hypnosis is used bypass the conscious mind and to interface with the unconscious mind.
  • The price of a hypnosis session is a little more than expected...?
    I can appreciate that the cost may be more than what some can afford. For those who can, these programs can be re-played over and over again. As you do so, the power of the program gets stronger and stronger, and the new behaviors get further ingrained into the brain. The idea is that each program is used many times, and thus the cost per use rapidly decreases.
  • Can I listen to these programs in my car?
    No! Absolutely avoid listening to it in a car! If the program is playing through the car stereo, or if the driver has the headphones on, then driving will likely be impared. Serious injury or death may occur due to an accident or collision. The same goes for any vehicle or heavy machinery. Just don't! Do listen to it with headphones at home, at the office, or any other safe place to enjoy your trance.
  • Is there shipping?
    There is no shipping involved as the program is provided as a digital file. You will be provided with a way to download the hypnosis program to your personal computer or device. The hypnosis program is an MP3 audio file.
  • What is your return policy?
    There are no returns. There is a free hypnosis session for you to check out before any purchase. This gives you an idea of the style of work I provide, and if you like it.
  • What payment types do you accept?
    All major credit cards are accepted.
  • What if I want an in-person or Zoom appointment?
    I do provide those services as well. For either, book and appointment on my hypnosis service website (at If you are local to the Seattle, WA area, then we an do can in-office/in-person session. If you are not local, then we can do a Zoom session. Zoom sessions are subject to internet service providers, and as such may be disrupted by service issues. These are outside of my control.
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