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Reduce Fear

Have you ever been held back in your life by fear?  I have, and it sucks.  There are certain things I have not done, due to my fear of what might happen.  I've also been scared in certain moments due to fear.  Have any of those situations happened to you?


How would you like to feel instead of fear?  How about indifferent, or a bit curious?  That would be a lot better, wouldn't it?  Of course it would!  This program leads you there.


This program is designed to help you reduce and eliminate any fear from your life.  It is not specific to a certain fear, and as such it can be used in a general way.  You can also use it in a more specific way by thinking of how you want to live your life without fear, and focusing on that during your trance.


Length: 19 min, 15 sec

Background Sounds: Birds in a park in the morning.

# Simultaneous voices: One

File Format: 320kpbs stereo MP3 audio file

Male/Female voice: Male

Reduce Fear

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