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Stop Smoking

Smoking... sucks.  It's dirty, smells bad, costs a lot of money over time, and has negative health consequences.  You already know all that.  You know that well, and that is why you are here.


You've wanted to quit, but might be having trouble so far.  Hypnosis to the rescue!  Hypnosis will help you change your thoughts by helping to change your unconscious mind from which behavior flows forth.  How would you like that change to happen automatically?  Well, the change can happen that way with a little effort from you.


With this hypnosis program, you can finally kick the habit.  That's right.  You want to be done with smoking.  You want better health.  You want to smell the air better, and taste food better.  You want to breathe easier.  These will come as you eliminate smoking from your life, completely.


Find yourself a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for a while.  Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and sit back or lie back.  Follow each instruction carefully, using your imagination to the fullest (making the experience more real than real), and you will change.  Period.


Bye bye smoking!


Length: 25 min, 52 sec

Background Sounds: Sounds from a marsh with bugs, birds, etc.

# Simultaneous voices: One

File Format: 320kpbs stereo MP3 audio file

Male/Female voice: Male

Stop Smoking

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