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Reduce Stress Eating

Are you stressed, and do you snack when stressed?  That bag of cookies or container of ice cream might call when upset feelings arise... especially anxiety, stress, or sadness.  It truly sucks to feel that way.  How would you like to beat that cycle at it's own game, via mind control... your own mind control?  You can do it.  I know you can.


The Eliminate Stress Eating #1 hypnosis program is designed with three goals in mind: to help you eat healthy, to reduce your eating/snacking, and reduce your stress.  Why?  So you can experience feeling better, continue to increase your health, and feel more comfortable in life.


Length: 19 min, 30 sec

Background Sounds: Crickets and cicadas

# Simultaneous voices: One

File Format: 320kpbs stereo MP3 audio file

Male/Female voice: Male

Reduce Stress Eating

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